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April 21, 2009


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Talk about counter-intuitive. Thanks so much for this tip - I was struggling with it for at least a half-hour. Your solution worked perfectly. I'm still astounded they don't just have a button or menu item for it though. Grr.


I guess they really don't want people placing images lol. Just like they used to hide the Save button in Reader :p

Tracey Lee Cooper

Hey David ... was hoping you may answer a question my friend has. I have 9 Pro, and have been popping signatures and dates in a friend's PDFs (she has a client who continually asks her to do this). But they are becoming so frequent that I suggested she gets her client to pay for her own Acrobat. Problem is, she really doesn't need it other than for this sole purpose of adding sigs and dates. Will the Standard version do this? She has rung adobe but they have only directed her to a version comparison page (no idea why they can't just say yeah or nah!!!) Hoping you can help. Thanks heaps - TLC


Didn't work for me? Acrobat 9 OSX.


Ok it worked this time. The document it didn't work on was secured in some way. Thanks

David Mankin


When you say you are popping signatures & dates, are you referring to adding a Digital Signature, or are you placing a scanned image of a handwritten signature? 9 Standard has Dig. Sig. features. I do NOT have 9 Standard running on any of my machines to test its ability to place an object. Another option would be to create a custom Rubber Stamp to apply an image to an existing PDF. I'll keep digging to see if I can track down a running installation of the Standard version & give it a go.



Thanks - This was great advice and I have bookmarked the link

Sareli DeRaj


I am trying to figure out how to add a scanned image to multiple pdf pages in one pdf file all at once. Is this possible in Acrobat 8 or 9?

Great site

Kristina Baader

My Verson of Adobe Acrobat 9 does not have the selection 'TouchUp Object Tool'. Only Analysis/Object Data Tool. How can I add the needed tool 'TouchUp Object Tool' to this version?

David Mankin


Make sure you unhide the Advanced Editing Toolbar. (Right -click over a blank area of your toolbar area). Once showing, right-click over it to reveal all available tools. It SHOULD be there. If not, let me know here... I'll dig deeper.

Hope it works,



Thanks David, works perfect on Acrobat Pro 9 on OSX !

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