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January 20, 2013


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For many months now I've been reading up on Fair Use, Creative Commons, Public Domain, Attribution etc. Your article just popped up and it's a great source of information. Thanks!

I'm still left with 2 questions I was really hoping you could maybe shed some light on:

1."share-alike"--->I'm creating a site with interactive English (learning) quizzes. The site and quizzes are free. I do have banner adds. Inside the quizzes (HTML5 or flash) I make use of images that are CC-BY-SA licensed--->Can I "copyright/all rights reserve" my website? I am confused about the "share-alike", yes I will make the image "share-alike", but not the design of my quizzes and website.

2. How about a reading quiz using news articles from CNN/BBC, can I use them under fair use?




Thanks for your comment Frusty,

I am not a lawyer, or a copyright guru, just someone who does a lot of research (much like yourself). It is my understanding that if you are going to use an image that is "SA" licensed, that you have to make whatever product you put out "SA" as well--not just the original image that you used. I think you can always claim copyright on your site...but when push comes to shove I don't know that it would hold up in court if you're using Share-Alike images.

2. As far as using the CNN/BBC articles, I'm not 100% clear on the context you will be using them, but I think if you link to the original source, rather than claiming the articles as your own, I think that is fine.

Like I said, I'm not a lawyer, but this is my understanding from research.

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