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March 10, 2013


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Richard V Michaels

I couldn't agree more. Text that is all bolded or italicized is harder to read. Also all CAPS is harder to read. The reader's eye needs to flow easily and naturally across the words.

Font and point size are also factors to consider. Just because you can read the 8 point Lucida on your screen with the zoom at 150% doesn't mean that it's okay to use everywhere and neither is 14 point. Except on output meant to be projected on slides, 12 point is where you need to be for the body of the text copy.


Agree with you on the italics. They certainly are difficult to read online. Making a bold is sufficient to highlight content. Bold + Italics is an overkill.

To add what Richard mentioned, I have seen some users use small-CAPS (all letters in uppercase, but first letter of every word in larger font than others) for headings, which I feel is unnecessary. For headings, one can simply stick to bigger font size or bold effect.

With respect to underlining, I believe any hyperlink must be underlined and should preferably be in the standard blue color unless it grossly violates the UI color theme.


Yes,"the more you format the text less readable the text will become"

Jeff Walter

Like most things in life, moderation is the key. The purpose of bolding something is to make it stand out. Over using bolding, italics, all caps, etc. diminishes the importance of the marked up text.

Katrina Espanol-MIller

I agree that italics is not as easy to read, but I do use them in my step-by-steps to distinguish locations in instructions (e.g. Under Assessments, click on Quizzes). I'm open to suggestions on better alternatives to emphasizing a location if anyone has any.

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