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June 15, 2017


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I like use this also!
After editing i seen in my layout.htm

I use this in my XML editor
-[MadCap:xref href="layout.htm"/]
but in my text editor i donot see the right name but
- [MadCap:xref][MadCap:xref]
when i use the PREVIEW function the right text (of H1 name) is shown.

note : the Sign Great and Lower is not shown (in this editor) there i use []


I came to Flare already familiar with cross-references to locations within a document but having used hyperlinks only to link to web URLs. To me, the ability to have the text displayed for a hyperlink be different from the linked topic title is a benefit. I use hyperlinks rather than cross-references for places where I want the text to say something like "click here" or "next step." I could create a separate cross-reference style for each piece of text I want to have as a link, but I find it easier just to use a hyperlink. If the topic is used in both Help and PDF outputs, I include both the hyperlink and a cross-reference and then conditionalize them as HelpOnly or PrintOnly, respectively. (Yes, I know I could create a cross-reference style that has the text for the default medium and the cross-reference format for the print medium, but I prefer not to proliferate my cross-reference styles more than I already have.)

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