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December 24, 2006


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I'm currently working in Captivate 3, trying to build a menu for some projects to be distributed via CD. So far, the menu works well for me; it's when others test the menu that it doesn't work.

I followed the tips above; the folder has all the files it needs.

2 people have not been able to get any of the links to work.
1 person got the links to work (by downloading the newest flash player), but a link to an internet file would not open at all - not even a response.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


I made a menubuilder and I am trying to jump to Articulate Presenter files. Articulate makes a player.html file that you need to jump to. Of course all 4 modules that I made are named player. So, I named them player1.html, player2.html etc... These files jump to a Folder named Player. This works fine if the modules are in separate folders and I link by C:folder/folder etc... The problem is that when I publish the file anyone that clicks on it can't get to my C: drive
If I use your Save file with project function, it jumps to the first Player folder that it sees causing all my links to go to the same file. How do I get out of this?

Kevin Siegel

Hi John,

For the links to work as stress-free as possible, I recommend you publish everything to be used in the menu to the same folder. As you've seen, the wheel starts to come off of the cart if you publish to different sub-folders.



I am working with menubuilder and the problem I am having is that even though I select "open in same window" for links, it continues to open the links in a new tab. Thus, I ended up with a whole bunch of tabs open.
Any suggestions?

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