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October 18, 2008


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Tim Lucas

When I tested this out the issue with CP3 usually occurs when importing from another project - as per below:
1. Open a blank project
2. Import 1 slide from an existing project 'Collect with Outlook' (23,551 Kb)
3. Save the new project which now has 2 slides - the size is (21,709 Kb)
4. Import another single slide from another project 'Reports Overview' (40,320 Kb)
5. Save the file again - this time it is now 61,105Kb!

Hence the problem is easily identified as a bug in the import process!
Now, take Toms suggestion on board:
1. Save and close the file - size is 60,777 Kb.
2. Open and the close the file (not saving) the size is now.... still 60,777Kb.

So maybe Toms Method applies where the file itself bloats, but not as a result of the importing?

When saving the file with a New Name the result was 60,777Kb

Trying the New Project Method, the end result was the same size file : 60,777Kb

One final option:
1. Copy every slide (Ctrl + A)
2. Open a second Cp session
3. Paste the contents of the original file
4. Save the file
5. New File Size : 404Kb!

This option works - but with a large project you will need a lot of RAM, and ideally two monitors to be able to do this more visually!


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