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January 17, 2009


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Rick Stone

We see lots of forum posts where users never see the dialog, yet things such as links refuse to work. In this case, you must manually open the dialog and follow the steps in this article.

Link to dialog:

Cheers... Rick :)

dauli P

Thanks Kevin for taking the time to explain this solution... however, I should point out that there are circumstances in which these steps provide no solution at all.
For example, what if you need to deploy a Captivate creation (in an html page) on to CD/DVD? As a professional e-Learning developer, I cannot get away from the fact that users cannot be expected to take such action to "make safe" their flash player. In otherwords, most developers in my position would not expect users to fix this even once... rather - there should be a workaround that provides for this eventuality.

I understand the reasoning behind flash security but I believe this is an example of a bug that needs attention... developers cannot deploy web based captivate projects in a localised environment. I find that very hard to swallow & have to say it's put me off using Captivate completely. Shame my company already paid for a license :(


I was having a problem getting Captivate swf files to work from SharePoint, and the cause was the issue mentioned above regarding security.
There is a freely distributed utility from Macromedia called LocalContentUpdater. It is a single executable that will apply network privileges to any swf file. Once I used it the SharePoint issues went away. This way we didn't have to make any changes at the client end (which we wouldn't be allowed to do anyhow), just to the files themselves.
This would also work if you are deploying files on a CD or DVD.

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