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January 22, 2009


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One of the potential issues with Text Entry fields is the system fonts. Consider the following scenario:
Slide 1 :
1. Blank UserName & Password Field
2. Add Text Entry Box to the Username, making sure to tell the user to press TAB or Enter and using this as the trigger.

Slide 2 :
1. Has the actual username as recorded (remembering to turn of 'show typing')
2. Text entry box over the password - as described in the article. This time leave add the button on top of where the normal system button might be...

The problem here is the font. If the font used in the text entry does not match the system font then the users sees something different. Most Windows apps seem to use MS San Serif, Regular and 10/12 point. By specific systems have their own font style/size. To add the 'bells and whistles' to a professional Cp project its always nice to match these fonts..

If they get it wrong, send them back to Slide 1. The only potential gotcha is that the designer has forgotten to turn off 'retain text' from the properties, and hence the entered text is still there...

Slide 3 :
1. Rest of project starts here

Potentially fiddly to set up, but it is one of the processes that turns a 'good' Cp project into a 'great' one!!!

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