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April 21, 2009


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Charlie R Chisholm

Hi, I am trying to use captivate 4 to meet our training needs. We have an inhouse developed HR system that tracks training records and certifications, but is not really a LMS or scorm complient. I simpy want to pass an employee number into captivate and get a score, captivate file name, and the employee number back out. Can you direct me to any information that would help me understand how to 1) pass data in, and 2) pass data out without in just about any format except email. Any help would be GREATLY appricated. I am having trouble justifying my decision to purchase Captivate 4 for this project.



Thanks for this explanation. I use it in my projects and it's very useful. But when I create a user variable, it is only available in my current Captivate project. When I close the project and start a new one, the variable is not more in the list. How can I save it definitively ? In a project template ?


Edgar Bina

I have been developing data in Captivate for quite some now and recently bought the New Captivate 4, I saw that Captivate 4 is a new great product and has all the the features that was lacking in 3.
I need to know how to get user information as I am creation a quiz in my company and I want to put an Information page that will have the following fields;
1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Country:
4.Reasons for taking this test:
and all these information will be send to an email address along with a score report of the quiz.
I saw a feature of this at this url:

But I do not know how. Can Anyone help me I need expert help or anyone who know how to get this feature. Please help me


Has anyone noticed that during playback of a captivate file that text captions referring to a user variable may 1) delay before showing the variable text, 2) show he variable label ($$variable$$) instead of the value of the variable, or 3) appear blank????

Any thoughts on this?


Answer to Scott's - we had the same issue and had to make sure the Captivate file was using AS3, not to 2 and it fixed it.

I still need an answer to how to save the user variables created so we can use them with other projects?



I have a Captivate 4 course I am working. I have some click boxes set to jump to specific slides but everytime I run the course, it goes to the very next slide when I click on the Clickbox. Any Ideas on what is happening?

Bob Roman

Marcia Johnston

I'd like to use a variable for the product name in Captivate 4. Maddeningly, when I do, the introduction of the variable into the slide has an unpredictable effect on the formatting -- for example, making the bullet smaller, creating extra indentation, or changing the color or size of subsequent text. Any clue why a variable would impact formatting? More important, how can I prevent this from happening?

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