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August 03, 2009


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Hello, good tutorial but this is the easy stuff... :-)

I am interested in learning how to apply a Project Template to older Captivate projects.

I have created a new template with a new resolution, a top graphical header, and some custom controls. I have about 50 older lessons (or projects) that do not have a template and I would like to apply this new template to them. Is there anyway to do this?

BTW, I have purchased "Adobe Captivate 4: Advanced Training". Does it come with a TypeKey or TypePad account?

Eda Coskuner


we are planning to use the design templates to standardize the output of different people's work in Captivate.

Corporate colors etc are all easliy done. However, we need to use our own standard back & forward buttons as well. It seems they are sort of "embedded# in any design template and not editable.

Do you know how to edit the back & forward buttons in design templates?

Thank you!


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