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November 09, 2009


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Bob Cunningham

Hey Kevin. Thanks for the tantalizing update. But what are "pods"?

david b


In regards to the countdown...hasn't that always been a feature at least since captivate 2?

Do you mean it works better?

Kevin Siegel

The countdown only appears in CP4 if you include narration. In CP5, the countdown begins even if you elect not to record narration.

paper writers

I kinda new here. Please allow me to learn in this thing.


Any info about a release date?


Any word on .f4v support and improved integration with flash?


Will it be compatible with 64 bit operating systems. CS4 doesn't run properly on my new computer and I actually might need to go buy an old computer just to run Captivate. Do you know if this problem is fixed and also when the new version will be released?



Do we have better scripting support in Captivate 5. Captivate 4's scripting while helpful is very cumbersome. Also, are there any improvements with Powerpoint integration.

Account Deleted

Kevin, you've mentioned it has been re-written in a different programming language. Have you noticed if that has influenced file size? As you may recall, there has been concern about the relatively bloated SWFs Captivate creates

Captivate 5 is annoying

The countdown is not a feature... it is a huge annoyance - imagine this: you have a project with hundreds of slides and you are going thru trying to record audio for each... you find a quiet place, eliminate all background noise and are ready to tear thru your audio recordings... except, for each and every single slide, you have to wait 4 seconds (3...2...1...0 = being recording).

Oops, you make a mistake in your recording... wait 4 more seconds... didnt like that take? 4 more seconds. I'm thinking of switching back to CP3 just to get rid of this "feature".

That there isnt an option to disable this is absurd!

Kevin Siegel

I think the counter is a good thing and gives the novice the chance to get really ready (it's something you'll find in Camtasia and has always been missing in CP). However, the ability to disable the counter would be nice and is something I will add to the wish list for the next release of CP.


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