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May 11, 2010


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I'm working on a lesson where I would like the learner to press Ctrl + T to advance to the next slide. But in MS Explorer that opens a new browser tab. Do you know of anyway I can stop the new tab creation?

Lori Smith

Hi Jay,

Sorry to tell you that I do not know. I've seen others want to bypass function keys that the browsers grab and the like. If I discover a solution in the future for issues like these, I will surely blog about it.


I'm having an issue where when the Tab key is pressed, it functions properly, but with two "side effects".
1) It highlights the Rewind button on the Captivate navigation play bar, and
2) It causes a rollover text caption to pop up and then disappear really quick (on slides where there is a rollover caption).

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix?

Kevin Siegel

Unfortunately Dave there is no elegant way to stop this behavior. Web browsers are merely allowing for tabbed browsing as required for keyboard accessibility. I encourage eLearning developers to avoid the TAB key and the function keys as keyboard shortcuts for this very reason. The behavior of several keyboard shortcuts varies from browser to browser and is going to force you to pull your hair out. Even if you can effect a change in IE, the change will have little or no effect on Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


I continually create e-learning for a program that uses TAB for almost everything. I have been using the "seamlessTabbing" code with great success for close to 6 months. Up until now I always published to a zip file that includes just the .html, .js and .swf files. Now however,I need to publish to Adobe Connect Pro so we can track who has completed the training. As soon as I publish this way (even though I still add the line of code to the .html file) the TAB key starts jumping to the IE address bar,etc. Any idea what I need to do to make this work when publishing to Adobe Connect Pro?

Kevin Siegel

I'm not an Adobe Connect Pro user so I have no idea why seamless tabbing doesn't work there. Have you posted this to the Connect and Captivate forums? Great people there so I'd give that a shot.

Michael Nichols

This code is not working for me. As a matter of fact, when I try to open the edited htm file in a browser all I see is the htm background color I chose.

Major Issues

Hi, all:

If anyone has a solution that works with Captivate 6, please share it!


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