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June 16, 2010


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Frisco Apartments

Nice post!! it really reach my heart. I am a true lover of color so it was pleasure to read the article.


I agree with the above. I love color! Awesome, Thanks!


its awesome brief of color,s.......


Can I point out Pink is the very best relaxant... there was a study done in a prison to see what color cell and clothing clamed prizoners most! well done thouhg, Im using some of the info from here in my lessons along wiht my own knowledge of colour!

AJ George

Thanks for the addition Caelum! I've read a bit about pink in prisons myself...a fascinating theory :)


even late for replying for the post I must say that this is a very interesting area also I want to add somthing for this article.
i.e to use colors for teaching or learning teacher or the instructional designer should have some natural instinct about the colors

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