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September 14, 2010


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Question: Whatever happened to the SCORM spec about the 7+- 2 slides rather than 80-100 slides for knowledge retainability? Well, I know, I've broken this rule because of client demands. What's best practice from your past experience?




Hi I have a problem when I try add a swf CP5 to
aggregator gives an error "is not a adobe captivate AS3 File"
and was generated in the same CP5 ....someone else has this error? .....


Has anyone resolved Captivates ability to open PDF files referenced in a project when they are published individually or Aggregator as an EXE file? This is a real problem when clients request to have projects created in CP4 placed on a CD.


Hi Kevin, I think this is a cool gadget. I use Captivate 4, which may be why I can't seem to rename the modules? Do you know? Thank you!

Kevin Siegel

Correct. Renaming the modules is new in CP5's aggregator.


Is there any option to change the appearence of the play back control of the aggregator usuall projects we change the playback control from TOC tab.

Kevin Siegel

Sorry to say, but the Aggregator is what it is... and it's not much. There is little you can do in the way of customization like you can through Captivate directly.


I use Aggregator for everything. The Cp5 version supports overlay mode and adjust the width and alpha of the TOC.

You can rename Captivate 4 modules. Click a few times on the module name. You'll eventually get an insertion point so you can make changes.


Hi, can anyone out there helpe me out? I'm just wondering how the "Branching to Other Lessons From an Aggregated Project" scenerio works with an LMS if the files need to be output as SCORM.

If I create a buttons (for each lesson) and tell it on success to open a separate swf files, will it send the information of slide views/quizzes/etc. to the LMS for reporting from an SWF file? or do I need to manipulate the files within the zip folder to manually add in additional files it needs?


With Aggregator will it control on the user side where they left off within the module?


Hi, I am using Captivate 6. I have created 12 files which I want to be grouped. Most of the files have right click action. By running the swf files, users will not be able to right click. Pl help.

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