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December 01, 2010


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Scott Skibell

Adobe Flash did the same thing with MP3 audio in .swf files several years back. It rendered dozens of my Camtasia screencasts worthless due to chipmunk sounding audio. Their solution was to re-render each project. Really, Adobe!?

Sorry, I can't spend the time, nor bill for, the hours required to re-render everything. How can we trust Adobe NOT to do this again? I'm not sure I want to build hundreds of digital assets only to see them rendered worthless overnight by a botched Flash upgrade.

Perhaps Steve Jobs is right, Adobe Flash is the scourge of the internet.

Kevin Siegel

I feel your pain! And I agree that having to republish content isn't viable every time the Flash Player updates. From what I understand, only content published with the new CP5 needed to be republished. Legacy projects from CP4 and older did not need to be republished. Also, I am hoping that Flash doesn't go away (much as Mr. Jobs would like. At least until programs like Captivate provide HTML 5 Output options.

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