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March 17, 2011


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How do you find the audio file so that you can edit it another software program?

AJ George

In this example I was suggesting bringing in an audio file that you already had elsewhere on your computer. If you are working with a pre-made PowerPoint and would like to extract the audio so that you can edit it in another program, check out these instructions:

Pat Volkman

Can you adjust the volume of one slide without affecting the volume of the other slides?

AJ George

Hi Pat,
I have been looking all over for a way to adjust the volume by slide--but as far as I can tell you cannot.

but it doesnt give me the option for effect options


Once you have elected to play the sound, the More arrow will become active (clickable). Thank you for pointing this out. My explanation was a bit confusing and I have edited my post to make it more clear.


It doesn't give me "Effect Options."


Hi Kuroneko,

Please check out the comment above yours and the note that appears on Step 3. If you do not see an Effect Options button at all, you probably just need to make the application window larger. All the same, the "more" arrow should still be visibile, even without the button above it.


Thank You, Thank You!!!! FINALLY, I was going crazy!!! Why do they make things more complicated? I have been trying to find out how to advance the slide while the audio file is playing. It's so simple in the old versions, why the the hell have they made it so complicated!!! Thank you! you have made my day!!!!

John Mulvihill, technical writer, user docs

After wasting three hours unsuccessfully trying to find a way to stop the audio during the last slide by fading out, I gave up, snapped a beer, and fired up my iPad to watch a late movie in bed.

But I couldn't enjoy the movie. I was so irked, I Googled my problem and your site popped up. It contained new information contained in neither of my aftermarket PPT how-to books. (And don't get me started about MS's labyrynthine help.) I'm bookmarking your page and will use my iPad as a reference when I tackle the beast with a clear head in the morning. (Err . . . I will have the clear head, not the beast!)

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