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September 13, 2012


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Debra Robinson

What about the ability to add closed captioning? We are a public University and any video that is to be mass distributed must include Closed Captions to meet our 508 Compliance. Does this version of iSpring include the ability to add CC?



I looked into it and I didn't see that option, but it looks like they make another product, called iSpring Pro, that does handle closed captions. It converts to Flash instead of HTML5, however.

charles kaplan

do you think iSpring is better than Adobe captivate? I have been trying to work with Adobe Captivate 6
for a few months. It does not import a lot of the animations and transitions i made in my powerpoint projects.
it misses almost every cube transiton. simple motion of a small picture on a PP slide is lost.
i have a mac, and ispring doesn't work on mac.

charles kaplan

concerning ispring pro and ispring suite, they have a new version coming out in a few months that will not only publish to flash, but also to html5.


Hi Charles,

I wouldn't say it's better--I'd say they do different things. If you're using a mac and ispring doesn't have a mac version, then I guess you don't have much choice.

I don't do a lot of work within Captivate, but you may just have to remove the transitions and animations.

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