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March 24, 2013


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Dan Hill

While I do appreciate the intent of the exercises (and certainly do need these reminders myself, thank you), those of us who have written for the spoken word for many years do understand the need for what I call "natural" punctuation. This follows my preference for writing for narration in a "narrative" form, one more natural, conversational, and not bound, necessarily, by the rules of print!

For those who do plan on writing for narration, whatever the delivery modality, please be aware of the difference from print!

Funny how this example reminds me of the story of Winston Churchill during WWII, when he was chastized for ending a sentence in a critical public broadcast with a preposition. He simply explained it as using the rules in the best way to make things understandible. He ended that grammar lesson with the statement, "...and that was the kind of nonsense up with which he would not put! Hear, Hear!

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