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December 23, 2013


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Sara Carpenter

Thank you for creating this... I only wish I could tryit. I've downloaded the file onto my Windows 7 computer. I have the latest versions of Adobe Reader (11.0.05) and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (11.0.5), and Adobe Flash (11.9.900.170). But the downloaded e-learning estimator does not work. I see a blank file and an alert message that reads " To view the Flash technology content in this PDF file, please install the required Flash Player." Can you provide any guidance.


Hi Sara,

If you don't have the newest Adobe Reader and Flash Player, the page will open as a blank sheet of paper. Upgrade both the Reader and Player applications from Adobe first and then try opening the Calculator.

Also, with the file open, visit the File menu and save the PDF to your desktop. Then open it from there using Reader 10 or newer.

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