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January 28, 2014


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Thanks so much! I was convinced this was a marketing ploy by Microsoft to force Office 2010 users to upgrade. :p

Joyce Valent

thank you, you are AWESOME!!!

Mary M

You are the BEST! A million thank yous!!!

Anne Goldenberger

AJ - THANK YOU!!!! I've been so dependent on this gallery for years, and was crushed when I found it was gone. You're a lifesaver!


Does not work as of July 15th. If anyone can find it again, please post.


Hi MHH--clicking the direct link at the end of the article above is still working for me. Alternately you can just go to http://office.microsoft.com/, type your search term into the search field, and then scroll down to Image Results.


Fantastic Job!! Thank you for your hard work and your time. It's the bomb.


Thank you sooooo much!

this is my name


Lady K

Thank you for being willing to share. You very well could have kept it to yourself. I'm so glad you didn't. Thank you again. Create a beautiful day for yourself and others. (Oh wait, you just did for me - wink, wink, smile). Peace...


Thank you!!! I was looking for the same thing! Thanks for saving me tons of time (and frustration!)

Suella Palmer

Thanks. Can you please explain how to find the image styles? I can find a single image, eg 00040186.wmf, but not the entire collection of images in that style.

Appreciate your work.


Hi Suella,

After you've found your image, click the image to navigate to the image's page. To the right of the image you should see a link for the Style number. Click that to be directed to a page (or multiple pages) of images of the same style.

Amanda Lamela

Holy cow, thank you a million times over! This was frustrating me to no end.


Thanks for spending the time to find the images and for posting this!! I've used them a lot the past few years and was wondering where they went.


Thank you!! I was so frustrated and about to give up.

andy scarcliffe

thank you! this was a source of good resolution, free, sometimes excellent images, that, as you say, just seemed to disappear. You're a star!

Liz C-J

Thank you a million times. I went through the same hoops as you, and then found this lifesaver. Merry Christmas.


thank you so much!!


Thank you. How can we get Microsoft to put it back?

A Lurker

You, madam, are the best! You have saved me!


Thanks for posting this! I think it's gone for good now. I had the link saved to my bookmarks and was able to access it as of a week ago, but now it redirects me to this (link below) and I can't find my way back to the seemingly disappearing image library that we all know and love. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!



Hi Cath,

Unfortunately I'm finding the same thing and am unable to find a backdoor way to the old site. Looks like it really is gone for good now :(

Of course, if anyone finds differently, I would love to be notified!

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