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August 14, 2014


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Sudhir Subudhi

In mid 1900s US and USSR were undergoing through cold war. There was immense competition to prove sovereign superiority at any cost. Huge budget was sanctioned for secret and non-secret military R&D work. When one country invented something or tested some prototype, the other would surpass it by doing similar and even superior things. This provided an ideal platform for:
- Productization of technological progress and knowhow
- Setting vision and milestones on creating new, advanced, and futuristic designs
- Passionate and committed follow-up to deliver on new designs
- High investment in research and development to create innovations, designs, prototypes
- Environment for competitions
- Scope and support for commercializing successful designs
- Scope and support for evolving on feedback
The same ideal platform can be created for Technical Communications Services as well, to produce products like the Apollo Aircrafts.

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