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April 08, 2016


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George Hale

I ran this script in a WebHelp project using RoboHelp 2015 to convert text in multiple topics to a variable. Unfortunately, RoboHelp crashed every time I tried to compile the help project after creating the variable using this script.

I did not consider the variable as the cause of the crashes until I noticed the rhvariable.apj file was the only file that had changed since I had last successfully compiled the help project. As a result, I deleted the variable, replacing the variable with its content in each topic. Once I deleted the variable, the project compiled successfully.

Interestingly enough, I created this same variable in another WebHelp project. However, I applied that variable manually in each topic instead of using the script. RoboHelp did not crash when I compiled that help project.

Willam van Weelden

That's strange behaviour. What was the name or new value of the variable? I can only think of a problem when RoboHelp didn't like the name or value provided.

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